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Dorothy Muncey

Question 1
My general reaction to the video’s on MI strategies was he was he did a good job getting the client to assess his need, his desire by using simple reflections and getting to his goal by using complex reflections. He did a good job getting him to commit to change. The client decided what was important to him. His use of MI was very effective in getting client to make a commitment to change and begin to plan his strategies.

Question 2
What I would have done differently is not focus so much on his commitment level. I felt that was a little awkward and seemed like he was asking several times “When are you going to do it?” I would focus on the positives to help client create a plan and list the options. Client did recognize his obstacles and he did a good job not telling him what to do and ask him if he could share some information with him. I would focus on change planning. He seemed to become a little resistant when counselor shared the possibility of residential treatment after he said he would make a referral to another counselor.
Question 3
I try to use MI in my counseling. I feel it allows the client to be heard and to make decisions without feeling like someone is telling them what to do. It takes practice, but when it works, it works well.