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Jennifer Mrozowski

Question 1)
I thought both these videos displayed many MI skills -There were many open-ended questions affirmations summaries complex and simple reflections as well as setting specific meaningful accessible realistic timed goals with attention to potential setbacks with solutions
In the first video, the counselor displayed eliciting the consumer’s commitment 59:07-1:33:23-01:52:28
The counselor elicited activation of a plan 03:18:17-03:48:28-04:12:16
The counselor to elicit the client to formulate the steps he would take to achieve his desires-05:19:19
Video two
The counselor started offreflectingThe client’s strengths that he had mentioned prior of himself-23:07
The counselor continue to elicit talk around what steps the client would need to take in order to start the process of going to an alcoholics anonymous meeting. 01:04:15-the counselor seemed to elicit a SPECIFIC and MEANINGFUL goal. Followed by a discussion regarding How and when this next step could actually happen then a proposed actual time frame.
The counselor brought up the potential for setbacks and asked how the setbacks could be handled
Question 2)Changes
The part in the first video where the counselor Summaries the individual’s options leading into the discussion of alcoholics anonymous-04:47:21- I may have tried using more of an open-ended question around AA to get a better understanding of how to proceed by saying: You had mentioned earlier wanting to know what other options might be available to you, and one of those options would be Alcoholics Anonymous, I was hoping you would share any feelings/thoughts/questions you might have about this particular program. This might have been able to provide a guide on what the person values doesn’t know and want to know about this program. I also would have added some 1-10 scale questions to gauge what was more important or how committed he felt towards the options.

Question 3)
I envision using MI skills daily-I enjoy listening to others I’m not always great at it however each day is better. Really listening to someone, understanding and respecting fact that the people I serve know what’s best for them and my job is to provide support for the organization of their desires because they are worth the time.