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Adeena Vogel

Question 1: My general reactions to the way that the physician used MI was that he was effective and gave space for the patient to explore where she was at in regards to her stage of change and desire to quit smoking. Honestly, I am not sure that there would be anything that I would do differently in these situations. In fact, I strive to be that open ended in my questioning for my clients. I appreciated that he was able to summarize for her, which allowed to reflect even further into things that may be beneficial for her, as well as barriers that she experiences.

Question 2: I do believe that this physician was able to help this woman resolve her ambivalence about quitting, as well as increase her confidence. In the first session, he questioned when she has thought to quit by, but importantly, what about smoking does she like, as well as what she does not like. Those questions alone opened up the conversation. Throughout the first and second session he asked the patent to rate her smoking on level of importance and her confidence to quit. By going back to this scale in later sessions, he was able to elicit insight into her stages of change.

Question 3: I do believe that this physician was effective in implementing MI techniques through the use of asking, listening, and informing. He asked many open-ended questions to elicit information from the patient and allow her to reflect on her own things. He used summarization throughout the sessions to help make sure that he was understanding what she was expressing to him. In the last session, he was able to provide information, which the patients consent, on alternatives or techniques to help with quitting. I do think that the patient responded well to this technique, as evidenced by her responses to him, such as “I never thought about it that way,” or “these sessions are helpful.”

Question 4: These past 4 weeks have been an incredible tune up for my MI skills that I use on the work with my consumers. I always knew that this was an effective therapeutic intervention, but the clips that we were provided was helpful in seeing the practice put into place. Evaluating the effectiveness of these techniques in the videos was also very helpful. I believe that I will continue to use these skills in the work that I do. I am constantly helping people assess their stages of change in terms of substance abuse counseling, and I do believe that this intervention will be helpful in that arena!