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Caj MacDonald

Question 1
I found the provider to be compassionate and respectful throughout their sessions. He started each session with an open ended question that invited her to share and allowed him to understand where she was in regards to her readiness for change. I felt the consumer was very invested in change (albeit hesitant about her confidence level) and the provider was affirming and reflective in each session allowing her to explore a change plan. I liked the provider’s non- judgmental style and the frequent reflections he offered in each session. Overall there is nothing I can suggest to improve on in these sessions.

Question 2
The provider’s specific questions helped clarify the consumer’s reasons for wanting to stop smoking and highlighted the discrepancy between her goal and her current behavior. It was also effective when he asked her to identify and elaborate on the pros and cons of her smoking. The provider responded with many reflections as well as often summarizing what he had heard which allowed multiple opportunities for the consumer to hear the feedback. It was also helpful to focus on the importance level and her confidence level in making this change. Identifying her “first small step” of simply tracking her usage for the next week seemed like a reasonable and achievable goal which would increase her confidence. Again, the provider’s open ended questions, reflective listening, affirmations and summarizing were all well delivered in a non-judgmental manner.

Question 3
Again, I feel the provider did a thorough job of asking targeted (yet open ended) questions to elicit information in each session. His attention to the consumer was evident in his reflections and summaries. The consumer presented as invested in the first session which I suspect helped the dialogue flow smoothly. It was obviously a change she had given great thought to and she was able to contribute a lot of insight into the sessions. I did not observe as much informing in the sessions as I would have anticipated in a primary care setting. I wonder if the consumer’s motivation and insight had an impact on how little information the provider shared.

Question 4
I have really enjoyed the opportunity to refresh my knowledge of the components of MI. As I read the material and watched the videos I was often reflecting on the students I am or have worked with. While I would like to think I am being true to MI I realize that there are times when I am too quick to offer information or suggestions and at times I struggle with the righting reflex. Many of the students I see are encouraged by others to attend and are often sent with the referent’s goals in mind. I want to be sure I am listening for the student’s change talk as I know it can differ from the adults in their life. I want to make sure I am be mindful of using OARS and inquiring into the importance and confidence levels with each student.