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Dorothy Muncey

Question 1
I thought the Dr. used the spirit of MI by using open ended questions, listening and asking her what she enjoyed and then what her goal was. She shared openly because he was nonjudgmental and caring. I feel like using MI in sessions allow clients to make their own choices in recovery.
Question 2
He used MI skillfully. He was encouraging at her progress, and he allowed her to decide how fast to go and when she wanted to start. He introduced helpful medications after asking if she would be interested and allowed her to choose. He used importance and confidence rulers, decisional balance, evoking change talk.
Question 3
The patient responded well to the use of MI. She felt supported and came back into the next session, continued to improve and continued to develop a plan and increase her confidence and her commitment.
Question 4
This was a great refresher to MI and the Spirit of MI. The new skill I have learned and to hope to continue to develop is the rediness ruler/confidence ruler. I think focusing on the positive is helpful for the client to make changes and address ambivalence. Thank you for your time and the great information. It is easy sometimes to think you are using MI, but fall into the traps of using closed ended questions and not asking if you can share information.