Reply To: Homework Week 1 (Wellness and Recovery Promotion)

Patty Morini

What are your general reactions to the mindful writing? What were some of the personal resources, skills, and abilities you relied on to help you through a difficult experience in your life?
I tend to be resilient, but can move through things too fast sometimes. Taking time to write to honor the present challenge, sit with it, move with it like a dance of sorts as I grapple with painful feelings is very useful. I tend to move the body to move the mind, and sometimes I jump over the “muddiest puddles” because I just don’t want to acknowledge them. But you know, I have never minded getting dirty. Some of the resources that help me through difficult experiences include getting OUT in nature-for a challenging hike, gardening, splitting wood; specific supportive people (may be different depending upon what I’m dealing with), reading/listening to radical acceptance and other concepts. My family is an incredible resource that I don’t take for granted. My pets. My own ability to get up and out to move is ALWAYS useful.
What are some of the ways the questions and or the mindful writing helped you uncover your narrative of resilience?
Taking time to slow down is really important to me. I’ve really worked on staying in the moment most of the time and this enables me not to miss the opportunity to be grateful, to notice a beautiful sunrise or interesting growth in nature, smell the changing season. It also helps me to say the things I’m feeling or thinking so that I can honor the reality and do what I can to let it move through me rather than getting stuck within.
How might you apply the Narrative questions and or mindful writing in your work with others to help them uncover a neglected story of resilience in their lives?
Sitting and practicing narrative writing is a way to teach myself so I can assist others in seeing if there is value for their own process of recovery/ healing. We don’t always have to talk during time with someone, maybe creating an agenda for a session together that includes 5-10 minutes to arrive and do some narrative writing would be a great way to start a session. Hmmmm