Reply To: Introductions (Wellness and Recovery Promotion)


Hello! My name is Emily-Anne Garland (Emily) and I am the Area Executive of Clinical Operations for Compassus Hospice. Prior to beginning this position in February I have worked for over 20 years in community mental health settings and inpatient settings with adults with severe and persistent mental illness, more recently including individuals living with dementia and other neurocognitive disorders. I am a LCPC and a RN and often reflect on my desire to pursue a nursing degree. At the time, I hoped to better understand the physical aspects of illness to better inform my clinical approach to the treatment of emotional disorders. In hospice I have begin to once again think of of illness and wellness and the intersection of the two- in a way that I never have before. Traditionally, I have thought about dying as the end of a process, however, a shift in my perspective has allowed me to understand hospice differently- as an active approach that is focused on palliation rather than traditional curative modalities. This does not mean that one must disregard the concept of wellness but to instead seek opportunities to understand a an ever evolving conceptualization of wellness that encompasses a revised set of expectations but still seeks to celebrate emotional and physical wellbeing, even in the face of incurable illness.