Reply To: Homework Week 2 (Wellness and Recovery Promotion)

Nicolyn Brown

1. What are your general reactions to this exercise of identifying strengths and reflecting on how a strength can help you achieve a recovery or wellness goal?

It was harder than I thought it was going to be. Each of these questions has significant depth to it and I found I needed quite a bit more time than expected to give adequate reflection and identify a strength to build on.

2. What did you discover about your own strengths that might have been previously hidden from view?

I loved the “how do you play” question. As adults I think we often feel the need to produce something even when it comes to recreation (like completing a puzzle, writing, painting, achieving an exercise goal). This question gives permission for leisure and fun to really be about the process, not an end result.

3. How would you or have you used a strengths assessment to help consumers identify their strengths and uncover their hopes and dreams?

I usually start with a simple “tell me about a time when things went well.” Just this simple reframing of questions about a person’s lived experiences really changes the tone and fosters engagement. I’ve had unexpected success in asking formal and informal supports (when able) this question about a client. Others often see the strengths we fail to see in ourselves and it can lead to tangible goals and next steps.