Reply To: Homework Week 2 (Wellness and Recovery Promotion)

katie Varney

1. What are your general reactions to this exercise of identifying strengths and reflecting on how a strength can help you achieve a recovery or wellness goal?
By taking the time to think about and jot down my strengths in wellness, I realized the growth that has occurred over the last few years. Wellness means a great deal to me, and living a full, energized life is something I take seriously. My awareness of change and change moving in the direction that is valuable to me, is a motivator. Sometimes, I don’t stop to think about the tiny little changes, and yet when you compile it all together its kind of amazing!!

2. What did you discover about your own strengths that might have been previously hidden from view? Again, by identifying some of the small behavioral changes, I realized the value of those little tiny steps. It can be so overwhelming to think about giant changes or looking at the end results. But little baby steps that lead to bigger steps that eventually lead to much bigger changes, is amazing to discover. I have the strength to make little changes, it feels hopeful and manageable.

3. How would you or have you used a strengths assessment to help consumers identify their strengths and uncover their hopes and dreams? Yes, I like the example of asking the client, “what has worked for you the past”? This statement allows the client to think about ways they have managed and builds on strengths they already have.