Reply To: Homework Week 1 (Wellness and Recovery Promotion)

Kate Stearns Luce

I really enjoyed the mindful writing! It created a sense of peace and calm as well as a great reminder of my own resources, strengths, and abilities that I have relied on to get through challenges and adversity.

I think through the use of the questions I was able to focus less on the challenge and more on how I navigated my journey through the challenge and increased my ability to focus on the successes and problem solving skills I utilized. It felt much more like a solution focused approach and was very empowering to be able to uncover my own skills that I may have been dismissive of in the face of challenges. I read my writing aloud to myself, and did some highlighting of areas I may not have been as able to hone in on had I not done this exercise.

I am excited to try these Narrative questions and mindful writing in my work with others to help them see their own strengths, and help them see where and when they were their own experts in resilience, where and when they traveled through the darkness we sometimes feel when life is challenging towards their own brightness and light.