Reply To: Homework Week 3 (Wellness and Recovery Promotion)

Kate Stearns Luce

1) This is a great tool! I love the way it takes a motivational approach to identify the level of commitment! It was really easy to use, and it helped me identify where the barriers are and some strengths from the previous homework that I might use to conquer those barriers! It was succinct and the action steps were motivating.

2) I discovered that my strengths as I identified them previously can help me overcome barriers and challenges in a number of my goals. I think they also helped me develop my action steps in ways that I could use what I already have onboard for skills and this made the goal feel more attainable.

3) I think this format is wonderful and going forward, it will be a great reminder to walk through the process with clients helping them to utilize their strengths they already have to identify action steps, build on goals, and find ways to address barriers by using the strengths they already have within them.