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    Nichole Proulx-King

    Hi Everyone,
    My name is Nichole Proulx-King. I am the Lead Counselor at Husson University, Bangor, in the student wellness center on campus. I was MI trained in the mid-2000’s but it’s been a while. I find myself using components, but am happy to have a refresher!

    Kelly Jeremie

    Hello my name is Kelly MH case manager with ESM



    My name is Gigi Guyton-Thompson. I work with an organization called New Ventures Maine (formerly Women, Work, and Community) through the University of Maine at Augusta. I cover Cumberland and York Counties helping under served populations start businesses, manage their money, and find jobs. I’m interested in this class because we do work in the prison and the women’s re-entry center in Windham. I’m hoping to learn other ways to motivate all of my clients to take the opportunities they have to improve their lives.

    Kristin Giguere

    Hi – I’m Kristin Giguere and I am a high school social worker. I have had trainings on motivational interviewing in the past (the first was approximately 15 years ago) and I am excited to have a refresher in these skills.

    Patricia Burke

    Hi Everyone, so glad you are all here for this course on MI. I am thrilled to see such a diversity of backgrounds and work settings. I think you will find that MI is an approach to helping people change health risk behaviors in many different work settings. Some of the videos you will see in the course are in healthcare settings. Don’t worry about the setting when watching the videos. Stay focused on how the practitioner applies MI strategies in brief encounters with consumers/clients/patients. I look forward to reading your responses to the homework assignments and hearing your thoughts on how you can apply MI in your own work context.

    Michael Bean

    Hi! My name is Michael Bean and I am a private provider of mental health and substance use disorder counseling.

    Jenai Jackson

    Hi All, I’m Jenai Jackson. I work in a pediatric hospital doing sickle cell research and education. One of my main areas of focus is our transition program in which we work to prepare our patients as they move from the pediatric side to the adult side of care. Looking forward to using MI techniques in the transition process with my patients.

    Robert Hussey

    My name is Bobby. I am an Education Technician III (Ed Tech) at a day treatment program for children as a School based Behavioral Health Professional. I am a conditionally Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC-c). I need to work on obtaining CEUs and obtaining supervision within the field to start practicing. I have done my practicum as an intern in a school grades 7-12 and counseled senior citizens in an independent living community as part of my practicum. I was also an intern at a short-term crisis stabilization unit for adults. I have worked with populations from across the lifespan from children to adults to senior citizens on a range of issues and topics. Now I work at a day treatment school program where the school aged population could have trauma, developmental delays or disorders which require the child to have a higher level of care for success pertaining to academics, social interaction, and regulating appropriate behavior towards self and others.

    April Sawyer

    Hello! My name is April Sawyer and I am a Behavioral Health Coordinator for the Behavioral Health Home at Acadia Healthcare. My previous employer had a bulletin board around MI but I never got the training. I took a course around it in college and remembering the anticipated excitement of working with clients through this lens. I am looking forward to having this as a refresher and incorporating MI into my daily practice.

    Don Mathis

    I signed up for this training but was not able to start on time. May I get the lessons & handouts?

    Don Mathis
    Havre de Grace, MD

    Jessica Harper

    Hi there, my name is Jess Harper. I am a Behavioral Health Coordination at Acadia Healthcare. I’ve worked at Acadia for two and a half years, and love it. I’m looking forward to learning more about motivational interviewing to integrate it into work with clients.

    Tess Collins

    Hi everyone! I am Tess Collins, and I work as a Behavioral Health Coordinator with NL Acadia’s Behavioral Health Home program. I have been working here for three years, and have worked for several other local agencies over the years. I have had some training in MI, but am really looking forward to increasing my understanding and integrating it more into my practice.

    Calvin Thomas

    Calvin Thomas, Behavioral Health Social Worker for Alabama Regional Medical Services.

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