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    Patricia Burke

    Please reply to this topic to tell us a bit about yourself and your hopes for this course.

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    William Churchill

    I’m the director of a small substance use agency in Lewiston, Maine. We offer outpatient group and individual SU counseling, MAT services, and DEEP evaluations and treatment. We are currently awaiting approval of our mental health agency license. Once licensed we will offer mental health counseling and mental health medication management.
    We currently practice trauma informed care and hope to gain improved insight through this training.
    Bill Churchill

    Tanya Haley

    Hello, I am a program coordinator and health and wellness coach. Our company offers engagement strategies in a variety of different settings. Professionally and Personally, I have a vested interest in how trauma informed care and am exploring the benefits of this practice in health coaching settings. My goal is to continue to learn about this practice and how it can increase client success and reduce the negative health impacts related to adverse experiences.

    Danielle Cimino

    Hi All. I am a primary therapist at Foundation House. An extended sober living located in southern Maine. I primarily work with male adolescents and emerging adults with substance use and mental health disorders. My hopes for this course are to remain trauma informed and continue using best practice with my clients.

    Alicia Fredericksen

    Hi everyone. I am a licensed therapist, currently working in a hospital. I work with the inpatient detox unit, as well as liaison with patients in other parts of the hospital who have alcohol/substance use concerns. I have some training on trauma-informed care, but not as much as I would like. I am always open to learning more. My hopes for this course are that I will come away with practical tools to implement in my practice.

    Nichole Gulowsen

    Hey everybody!
    I am an LCSW in private practice in Bangor, Maine although thanks to telehealth, I provide services to clients throughout the state. I too have completed prior trainings on being trauma-informed, work with many clients with PTSD as their primary diagnosis and those who have trauma histories, and as such, want to continue learning as much as I can about trauma and staying trauma-informed. I guess my hopes for this course are to perhaps refresh and renew my knowledge and remind myself of tools and techniques (and potentially learn new ones) I should be implementing in my practice with clients.


    Hello – I’m Elizabeth Dostie, LCSW – retired and then recalled recently to work at co-occurring IOP at MGMC. Technically I’m per diem but so far it’s been more “diem’s” than I anticipated! I do like the work – I notice since the pandemic that the groups are much quieter and people seem almost shell-shocked from the experience of talking to one another in a group.
    I took a class from Patricia in the past and found it very valuable and this topic is really important. I look forward to both a refresher and learning new things.

    Russell Kohrs

    Hello – I’m Russell Kohrs, CADC. I have been working in SUD Residential Treatment 8 years with 3 to 4 years as a primary counselor. Trauma-Informed care is a skill I would like to improve, I agree this topic is very important.

    Jason Antkies

    Hi All! My name is Jason Antkies. I am the clinical director at Foundation House in Portland Maine. We are an extended care sober living for men ages 17-35. I am hoping to gain more knowledge on trauma-informed care. Most of the FH clinicians will be participating in this training so we can model this in our daily work.

    Ellen LCSW

    Ellen Kornetsky LCSW, here. I’m currently practicing outpatient therapy privately in Brunswick, Maine, after 26 years in the fields of foster care, and adoption, and mental health. The vast majority of my clients have suffered trauma at some time in their lives and are still trying to understand and resolve it. Although I’ve had considerable training in the causes and treatment of trauma, I’m hoping this course will refresh what I have learned and add new insights, strategies, and tools for care.

    Jamie Williams

    Hello, Jamie Williams, CADC. Program Manager of a residential program at Crossroads where we treat co-occuring SUD and Eating Disorders along side mental health. We are provide gender-responsive treatment with a trauma informed approach. My hopes is to gain a deeper understanding of trauma informed care in order to provide the best treatment possible to our clients and to role model and educate my staff more.

    katie Varney

    Hello, My name is Katie Varney, LSW at MGMC- Family Medicine Institute. I have worked in the primary care setting for 24 years. I provide social services to all our pts of this practice ranging from newborns to geriatrics. I am looking to increase my knowledge and skills around trauma informed care. I am looking forward to this class.

    Ruth Lockhart

    My name is Ruth Lockhart,LCSW;CCS, I work in behavioral health in a hospital setting working with patients struggling with mental health and substance use. I have some training in trauma informed care and hope to learn some new skills.

    Greta Garvey

    My name is Greta Garvey, LMSW-cc. For the last 3 years I have worked at Dirigo Counseling Clinic LLC as an outpatient counselor. I enjoy working with clients across a broad age range, and work with couples. So many of my client’s have experienced trauma during their lives, and I am looking forward to learning more about trauma informed care, to be better informed to help my client’s in addressing the impacts of trauma on their lives.

    Patricia Burke

    Hi all, welcome to this course. I am pleased to see such a wide range of backgrounds and interest in trauma informed care. I look forward to hearing your comments and responses to the homework assignments. Thanks.

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