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    Janice LaraHewey

    Hi Everyone. I am a counselor at a substance use disorder program. I provide outpatient services and assist with running some groups in the residential treatment program run by the agency I work for.

    Janice Black

    Hello! I retired 5 years ago from 30 years as a school social worker in Saco, Maine. I continue to work part time in my private practice. Through the years, through lots of trainings and readings I continue to amaze myself at the role and impact of trauma in the the lives of clients. I continue to learn…why I’m here!! Such a great opportunity, too.
    Thanks to CCSME for offering it at this time.

    Christopher Zepeda


    I’m Christoph Zepeda, LPCC from Oakland, California. I work in a dual diagnosis substance use program in Marin, California. I specialize in PTSD and complex trauma. We have clients come from all over the country to come to our programs so I’m trying to expand my awareness of trauma informed care that also takes into consideration national regional needs, so I’m Looking forward to this class.

    Christopher Ross


    I’m Christopher Ross LCPC, LADC, CCS. I am the supervisor for a couple of methadone clinics in southern Maine. I’m looking forward to learning any more tools to add not only to my own toolbox but also to my supervisees.

    Joseph Hayward

    Hi my name is Joseph J. Hayward and as a therapist at an extended care living facility working with adolescents, and so this trauma training will keep me informed so I can identify and assist in best practice.

    Stephanie Hatcher

    Hello Everyone,

    I am the Director of Training at Notheast Residential/Training Services. We provide residential services to adults with developmental disabilities and challenging behavior. In addition our Training Services for those wishing to complete the DSP and MHSS curriculum.

    James Skelton

    Hello, my name is James. I am an LCSW and LADC in ME and NC. I am taking this course to expand my toolbox and hope to gain a deeper understanding on how to address trauma with my client. I’m very late to start, and I blame my caseload, notes, and traffic. : )

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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