2020.11.05 | Personalizing Well-Being and Health Considering the 5 Key Concepts of WRAP

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Workshop Description
Moving toward personal health and well-being is possible for anyone who is willing to do what they
know is necessary for their own growth and progression. If the concepts of hope, self-advocacy,
education, personal responsibility, and support as defined in WRAP become a solid part of our growth,
we can stay well and be well for long periods of time and we can live fulfilling and happy lives. In this
workshop WRAP Facilitators will discuss each of these concepts and share their personal experience in
how they have supported themselves in living the life they want by using the knowledge they have of
these concepts.

About the Presenters
Scott Metzger
Scott has brought his 25 years of business management experience, as well as his own “lived
experience”, to the non-profit community on a variety of projects; including the Intentional Warm Line,
the YWCA, Crisis Services and MaineCare Citizenship & Identity Verification.
Currently Scott is the Director of Recovery Services at Sweetser with responsibilities for the Peer
Support Specialist in the Emergency Department at Mid Coast Hospital seven days a week, the 24/7
statewide Intentional Warm Line, Intentional Peer Support integrated into ACT and Behavioral Health
Home Teams and the state-wide Peer Training Network.
Scott is a certified Intentional Peer Support Specialist and an Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator. When
not working he enjoys many activities from his wellness toolbox; hiking, geocaching, movies and playing
with his third child Jake, a black lab/border collie mix.

Alex Kemos
Alex Kemos is the Peer Training Specialist at the Peer Training Network.  He has worked as a Peer Support Specialist on an Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) team, as well as Behavioral Health Home (BHH) team. He also currently supervises the Integrated Peer Team (ACT and BHH) at Sweetser. The outdoors are a key part of his Wellness and he spends much of his free time hiking, kayaking, biking, and introducing friends to outdoor activities. Alex is a member of the National Ski Patrol and volunteers with Central Maine Adaptive Sports. He resides in Brunswick, Maine, with the stars above him, the mountains to his left and the ocean to his right.