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Question 1

-john’s clients
-Other staff members at the agency

Question 2

-Steve’s ethical duty to address colleagues’ and/or supervisees’ impairment in order to ensure clients are not harmed

-john’s right to privacy

Questions 3 & 4

1. Steve could do as John asked and say nothing.
Pros- It might preserve friendship
Cons- high risk of leading to further impairment and clients being harmed
John not getting the help he needs

2. Steve could have a direct conversation with John about his concerns and urge him to get help
Pros- might lower John’s defensiveness and increase likelihood to get the help he needs
Cons- This could be seen as Steve not handling the situation seriously enough and violating NASW code of ethics

3. Steve could involve Human Resources as needed and urge John to take a leave to get help
Pros- clients will be protected
John might get help he needs
Follows ethical codes
Cons- could easily end working and personal relationship between the two

Question 5

-his own supervisor
-Human Resources
-board if needed (if John continues behavior)

Question 6

Third option- sit down with John and HR. John didn’t respond well to Steve’s first attempts to handle the situation and it is clear in order to do ethical duty of assessing clinician impairment, a higher level of intervention is needed

Question 7

He should document all noted concerns from staff and himself, document the incident where Steve was drinking on the job and his subsequent reaction, and document all supervision he receives on the matter.
Steve should have a witness to the conversation he has with Steve and should have follow up meetings to ensure needed plan is in being followed