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Question 1
I noticed mostly that I have trouble shutting off after a busy day to do this. I get very impatient making myself slow down and want to speed up the exercise. I do notice different feelings ranging from nothingness to numbness to a tightness as I scan body parts. I found overall that until I did the exercise I did not realize how tense I was even hours after the workday ended although this has been a particularly bad week. I do think it is effective but I find I am too rushed as this is already a day late! I think the take away is you have ton really make time for this stuff… My bad.
Question 2
This was an interesting experience. I used a telephone hand set (wireless). It was interesting to use all the senses of smell and touch to really pause and attend to something and notice it. Having gone through the first exercise I think I was a bit in a better place especially as this was shorter. My mind didn’t wander as much as I thought it would. Just curiosity. Gentle observation- a biit impatient but not bad.
Question 3
This is different from what I do with clients as I do a type of body scan that is followed by relaxing the body part not just noticing it. I am a bit skeptical that they would tolerate that as its hard enough to have them do the exercise and relax. I think that the shorter exercise using the senses looking at an object would be a good way to introduce them to use all of their senses and to stop and really notice. I think it would be helpful and will try it as it is short.