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Adalgisa Holtrop

1 It was difficult to refrain from urges but once I focused on it with more curiosity it was almost magical because it lost its force and suddenly I recovered my sense of control and calmness again. I look forward to incorporating this practice in my clinical interventions. I might suggest doing session and discussing the findings together.

2 I have picked a practice that I am familiar Loving-kindness. I have been practicing this meditation for a few years and find it incredibly helpful. Over the years it has brought me a sense of existence and sovereignty that I needed and all levels, emotionally and spiritually. I think I started to understand that the common phrase of “love yourself first than love others’, easy said than done, held truth and potential in my life. I have been incorporating this teaching with my clients, offering them the possibility of the practice. Some have told me that they have little sticky notes reminding them on their computers to remember to love self, others try the more formal practice of loving kindness. My clients have reported the effectiveness in their lives, just like I have discovered in my life.

3 All of us need to connect with the something greater than the immediate. The mindfulness practice is rooted in this greater connection. When we feel and be this greater connection anxieties and fear calm down, we know the greater possibilities and we recover a sense of home and safety in this world. It requires curiosity and non-judgment. I intend to continue with my practice in a more disciplined way and bring more awareness and presence of mindfulness in my clinical practice. I thank you for this invitation and I intend to pass this invitation of mindfulness to others as well.