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Question 1
My physical experience was complete relaxation. Focusing on an impulse and not reacting took deep concentration, as I held myself back. At first this was not easy, as I have difficulty with shutting of my head. However, the better focused I became the easier it became. As that happened, I felt my body give into relaxation. I truly liked this exercise and if I could see improvement with a couple practices and I see this being quite beneficial with continuation. I plan to use this with my urge to eat junk food late at night to have understanding of how to change a negative habit, a small comparison to working with clients who have addiction, but a comparison none-the-less.

Question 2
I chose being mindful of emotions without judgment exercise, as I have worked in the past on myself in depth, not judging some of my emotions as a weakness (sadness/crying). I often work with clients who have similar judgments about emotions they feel and so was hoping for another tool for the toolbox. My physical experience was initially tightness when I thought about letting out sad emotions. As I went through the practice, I could feel my physical being let go of those negative thoughts and judgement, accepting the feeling for what it is and allowing my body to ‘feel’ the emotion. This was a nice release. I could certainly see this being effective in my work with many clients. I currently have a few that have goals of being more aware of their emotions and not being so critical of themselves. This practice would work nicely in helping them in their success.

Question 3
This learning environment was well thought out. I have enjoyed walking through the various components of mindfulness and have learned a great deal. It has not only helped me to increase my ability to help others with use of mindfulness tools, it has also helped me regain practice of mindfulness for myself. I plan to continue using many of these strategies to help stay focused and mindful of self and being in the moment. Incorporating these approaches into the work I do with being or have MH disorders and/or addictive use of substances will help bring their awareness to a new level and hopefully to recovery and maintenance for long-term. Thank you for this well-delivered course. I am truly glad I did this and hope to attend more trainings from you in the future.