Reply To: Homework Week 2 (Wellness and Recovery Promotion)


I found this exercise helpful in grounding myself in my own awareness of my strengths at this current moment in time. I recognized that they are different in reality than in practice and my actions presently do not fully reflect my perception or past behavior. As an example, I recently started a new position within a new company doing work that is familiar in some ways (leadership) and yet completely new in others (oversight of hospice care not psychiatric care). I often believe that I am aware of my strengths with regard to health and wellness and leisure and recreation and that I would, if asked, be able to describe them without much difficulty. When completing this exercise, however, I found that I have not been as attentive to these areas as I believed and that some of my “go to” strengths were not currently being employed at this moment- a casualty of dwindling time, energy and emotional resources. This exercise was useful in illustrating how this tool can help one to assess multiple life domains at a given point even if an individual feels certain that they “know” how they are doing or where their strengths “stand”. The opportunity for reflection allowed me to have valuable insight that I can use to reevaluate or reprioritize my actions and responses. I now have a more clear sense of the fact that I might benefit from attending to my own leisure and wellness activities as I move through this time of learning and growth. This awareness affords me the opportunity to assess whether changes are warranted and, if so, how to approach this and where to invest my energy. This same process would be valuable for a consumer and I have used similar assessments in the past. At times when one finds it hard to recognize strengths I often try to link them tangibly to a specific event or time that they identified as successful. Making this association can help them to access pieces of the puzzle even if they do not readily come to mind.