Reply To: Homework Week 3 (Wellness and Recovery Promotion)

Patty Morini

1. It felt more like a commitment to myself than a public statement. I could approach it at my own level of comfort – taking smaller steps as a way to get started. It helps me face my avoidance and push my comfort zone by committing to myself, supporting and encouraging myself and being accountable to myself to JUST DO SOMETHING toward my goal.
2. I know I have people who would cheer me on and pick me up if I fell. I can get stuck behind the barriers in my head when i KNOW my strengths deep in my heart will get me to the next step. Bringing someone into my personal goals/dreams really helps with that.
3. Creating a PICK chart, of sorts, can be a nice way for people to identify next steps. how much energy would this particular goal or step take? What do i need to build up capacity for that? How do i nourish myself so i feel up to the task? The priority column is one great way to help others gauge their initiatives. Some people are very visual by nature, making something like this into something that they can move themselves along their path as they take the next step may prove to be both validating and motivating.