Reply To: Homework Week 3 (Wellness and Recovery Promotion)

Julia Foster

1) What are your general reactions to this exercise of identifying wellness goals and taking action to achieve them?
I found this exercise to be helpful to identify what my goals are and how to move through barriers. I often use this type of exercise in practice so it was a good exercise for me to practice for myself.

2) What did you discover about how your strengths, supporters, and or community resources might help you overcome barriers to taking an action step or reaching your goal?
I can be easy to focus on the barriers or negatives and this was a helpful reminder of how to access support and what that might look like. Writing things out allows for a more clear plan of action.

3) What are some strategies you would employ to help consumers develop and implement their own wellness/recovery plans? I practice from strength based/recovery perspective and have used similar tools to support development of goals and steps to get there. Creating a treatment plan that does not start from recovery or does not allow the client to set the goals or pace of treatment feels disempowering and will not support someone to continue with motivation for change. During the intake process we talk through the “ideal” and then break that down into smaller goals. if someone is focused on the current challenges and unable to establish a big picture we work on day to day goals that are identified by the client.