Reply To: Homework Week 4 (Wellness and Recovery Promotion)


I simply would say these Ted talk video should be viewed by all providers and members in the mental health field.
Secondly, words such as powerful, intense and real, which we all need to see and read more of, real life living situations.

I love the first and second person accounts, again certainly brings home the need for more peer to peer relationships and Peer support specialist need to be praised for the work they do in all Behavior Health Home services.

I certainly prefer person-driven and recovery based ‘treatment’/ recovery/ approach. Side bar to my work as a Home Health Coordinator, I try my hardest to never say Mine client, I usually say our client, we work as a team.

I will bring to my profession from this excellent material the many other perspectives from all of you that have engaged and shared your experiences with the rest of us.