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    Patricia Burke

    Please reply to this topic to tell us a bit about yourself and your hopes for this course.

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    My name is Beth Andrews. I’m a licensed clinical social worker and a licensed alcohol and drug counselor in private practice in Yarmouth. I work with both adolescents and adults, often with co-occurring disorders. I would be very interested in conversation about working with adolescents, as there often are ethical issues that arise.

    Nichole Gulowsen

    My name is Nichole Gulowsen and I am an LCSW, CADC, CCS in private practice in Bangor, Maine, working with adults, and while I accept co-occurring clients, it seems as I have been working primarily with anxiety disorders, PTSD, and depression of late. I too would be interested in a conversation about working with adolescents as that is an area I have ‘avoided’ due to concerns about the ethical issues that may arise (divorcing / disagreeing parents, etc.). I am also interested in discussing further psychotherapy vs. sound clinical supervision and if possible, case manager development, in that I provide clinical supervision to a handful of Section 17 Case Managers.

    Esther Cyr

    My name is Esther Cyr. I am an LCSW and Clinical Director for a co-occurring social service agency. I supervise case management Section 17, 92, and 13. Any information on clinical supervision for case managers that include confidentiality, dual relationships, working with guardians, and developing plans for back to work to name a few. I also provide outpatient mental health therapy to clients. I look forward to this course to enhance my clinical supervision skills.

    Matthew Fein

    My name is Matthew Fein – I’m an LCSW and Supervising Social Worker at Greater Portland Health’s Preble St Healthcare for the Homeless clinic. I’m fairly new to the position and will be supervising 2 LCSW’s, a community health worker, and a peer support specialist. I work entirely with adults with many experiencing co-occurring conditions. Prior to this position I was a clinician at Boston Healthcare for the Homeless’s Barbara McInnis House, a 104 medical respite, and a pt medical social worker at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. I recently completed part 1 EMDR training so excited to be using EMDR in my clinical work. I am very much looking forward to this course!


    My name is Dalene Sinskie and I am in private practice in Farmington. I am also the clinical supervisor for an agency providing behavioral health services in two jails in Maine. I have a long history of clinical leadership in the field. I am continuously seeking information regarding clinical supervision i.e., topics, ways to keep it fresh, how to supervise others who have been in the field a long time. Looking forward to learning with everyone!

    Sindee Gozansky

    My name is Sindee Gozansky, LCPC, CRC. I’m in private practice in Portland, Maine. I see individuals and couples, and have taught as an adjunct instructor at USM in the past. I have been supervising conditionally licensed clinicians and student interns for a while, and am interested in clinical supervision topics, especially supporting master’s level students. I also seek support around ethical issues which arise in couple’s work.


    Hello, all! My name is Gretchen Fall Sawyer. I work as a clinical counselor at UMA on the Augusta Campus as well as being the Acohol and Drug Counselor for middle and high school students in Poland. I have in the past supervised play therapists, clinicians, school counselors and master’s level students. I have been thinking about opening up my private practice in supervision again and wanted to immerse myself in that world again. Managing dual relationships, counseling in school settings and helping counselors do their best work are some of the supervision topics of interest to me. Really looking forward to learning with and from all of you!


    My name is Chelsea Spear, LMFT, LADC, CCS. I work as a clinical supervisor at SMART CFS in windham and biddeford and supervise case management for adults and children, provide outpatient and substance use counseling, as well as run an aftercare group. I am interested in learning about new topics in the field of clinical supervision and making new connections

    melissa cormier

    Hello all,My name is Missy Cormier and I am an LCSW and work as the chief clinical officer at Day One. In my role I supervise both masters level clinicians and am expanding to providing supervision to substance use counselors. Looking forward to the discussions in this class.

    Patricia Burke

    Hi Everyone, Welcome to class. I appreciate the diversity of your backgrounds and work settings. I look forward to your participation through responding to the homework questions. Feel free to post additional comments and questions about the course content in the Questions and Comments Forum.

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