Connecting through Compassionate Conversations

Conference: 2016 HOPE Conference | Living Well: Nurturing Health through Self-Discovery

Friday, May 20, 2016
Augusta Civic Center, Augusta, Maine Workshop/Presentation: A3: Connecting Through Compassionate Conversation
Elaine Ecker

Learning how to speak and listen with compassion and empathy has the potential to make a dramatic difference in relationships and interactions. The basis of this introductory workshop is from NAMI Maine’s new curriculum, “Inspiring Minds: Skills for Balance, Connection & Fresh Perspectives,” and Marshall Rosenberg’s book, “Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life.” Participants will discuss how some of our everyday conversation styles can engender defensiveness and disconnection, and how and why language in our culture often reflects competition rather than connection. Learn how to practice I Statements, reflecting the four components using nonviolent communication, and hear about listening with empathy, using reflection and validation. This workshop will be highly interactive and informative.