Exploring the Potential of Value-Based Purchasing in Maine

2020 Annual Membership Meeting

Conference: Exploring the Potential of Value-Based Purchasing in Maine

Joe Parks, MD

The United States spends much more on healthcare per capita than other wealthy countries, yet overall, health outcomes in the U.S. are worse than in other wealthy countries. At times like this, we stop to think how we can do better. In this webinar recorded on April 23, 2020, Joe Parks, MD, Medical Director of the National Council of Behavioral Health explores two contrasting models of payment for behavioral health services, followed by a discussion with participants about quality. What is it and how do we measure it? What does it mean for Maine organizations and private practitioners? Most importantly, how do we do this together to create a roadmap to achieve the outcomes we value and desire.

The Alliance for Addiction and Mental Health Services and the Co-Occurring Collaborative Serving Maine’s annual meetings in partnership with the Behavioral Health Community Collaborative bring this program to you. In the fall we will hope to reschedule a live program to extend this conversation.

About the Presenter

Joe Parks, MD Dr. Parks currently serves as medical director for the National Council and is a distinguished research professor of science at Missouri Institute of Mental Health with the University of Missouri, St. Louis. He also practices outpatient psychiatry at Family Health Center, a federally funded community health center established to expand services to uninsured and underinsured patients in Columbia, Mo. [ult_toggle title=”Read more” ]Dr. Parks is the national behavioral health representative at large for The Joint Commission. He previously served as the director of Missouri MO HealthNet Division (Missouri Medicaid) in the Missouri Department of Social Services and was medical director for the Missouri Department of Mental Health in Jefferson City and the Division Director for the Division of Comprehensive Psychiatric Services.

Dr. Parks has conducted research and published in the areas of implementation of evidence-based medicine, pharmacy utilization management, integration of behavioral health care with general health care, and health care policy. He has received numerous awards for improving the quality of care and leadership.[/ult_toggle]

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